Sustainable employability starts with developing self-awareness of both employees and leadership

We bring the software to guide this journey.

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Through self-awareness, employees learn more about who they are and what they need to grow. This increases happiness, unlocks potential and keeps employees healthy. Sustainable employability offers business a competitive advantage. With awareyess we offer a personalized journey with simple exercises to increase self-awareness. This supports face-to-face conversations between the employee and their coach.

"Self-awareness is the will and the skill to understand yourself and how others see you. Our team has found that 95% of people think they are self-aware while 10-15% of people really are. There is strong scientific evidence that people who are self-aware are more fulfilled. They have stronger relationships. They're more creative. They're more confident. They're better communicators. Self-awareness is a surprisingly developable skill."

Tasha Eurich - organizational psychologist, researcher & author

With awareyess we support the self-awareness journey with personalized assignments to explore thoughts, feelings & behavior. It's about personal motivation, values, attitude and preferences. We have bite-sized learnings to take people from theory to action. With dashboards we can monitor growth for individuals as well as teams. The whole company can be involved to focus on common themes

"It's important for us to bring the ease of one development platform to our millennials. We facilitate them during business programs of 3-6 months. We want to keep them involved and inspire them in between live sessions and afterwards. With the feedback and evaluations we get the insights to measure their growth, happiness and success."

Happy Millennials - customer

"It's so important to take the time and effort to learn more about yourself and what you need to grow and be happy in your job and your life. With our software we support companies to create an affordable & continuous self-awareness journey for their employees. When you know what you need to grow you can look for more in-depth training possibilities. But it starts by knowing who you are."

Susanne Mus - CEO awareyess

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