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Taking ownership of your work and life starts with self-awareness.

With our software, we support trainers with their programs because we believe in the combination of live training and online learning. Our app serves as a guide between training sessions, guiding participants through small assignments. These assignments come from our library or are implemented in collaboration with the trainers. For a program lasting 3 months, you can expect around 25-35 assignments. Good preparation of participants allows the training to go into depth more quickly. Because participants take action on their own, learnings are retained and the chance of lasting change is greater.

"During our 3-month program 'From Chaos to Flow', employees learn how to regain control over their work, time and themselves. Furthermore, they gain insight into the real causes of the work pressure and stress they experience. In addition to various learning sessions and peer review moments, participants make use of the awareyess app. Participants find the app user-friendly and easy to navigate, and as a trainer, you have a good understanding of the participants' activity while maintaining privacy. A real added value for the program!"

Melissa van Koppen - customer

What users are saying about awareyess:

  • "It is simple and easy to understand."
  • "The reminders help me make time.
  • "Some assignments really help me to take a step back and reflect. I often neglect to do this."
  • "It's great that you can also access it from the web, because sometimes I want to write a whole story."
  • "I like to do all the assignments in the app at a time that suits me."

We use the app as the foundation, but also provide the option to complete assignments via the web by scanning a QR code. Sometimes it is convenient to have a keyboard for example. When a program is completed, the user receives their entire file. Some insights are important for a lifetime. As a trainer, you have a good overview of the different groups, tasks and progress. By sending notifications, you can personalize messages and motivate participants to take action.

"Self-awareness is the will and the skill to understand yourself and how others see you. Our team has found that 95% of people think they are self-aware while 10-15% of people really are. There is strong scientific evidence that people who are self-aware are more fulfilled. They have stronger relationships. They're more creative. They're more confident. They're better communicators. Self-awareness is a surprisingly developable skill."

Tasha Eurich -organizational psychologist, researcher & author

"By using a hybrid approach that incorporate software tools as an instrument, valuable programs can be implemented for larger groups or multiple groups simultaneously. This way we can reach more people. That is our mission at awareyess. We want people to increase their self-awareness so they can make small and sometimes big choices that lead to more energy. We are happy to discuss how we can enhance your program with our tool, or how we can collaborate to develop a program together. We are always ready to think with you."

Susanne Mus - founder awareyess

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